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We score leads!

Scoring leads is in our DNA! Collecting leads that perfectly match your audience is part of what we have been doing for over 20 years. In fact, this is exactly how we started in the past. We have grown into a large marketing agency that can provide you with all services you need.

Cold calling

Despite all the negative publicity, cold calling is still a successful sales method. Not only for companies that mainly focus on private customers but also business-to-business leads can be very valuable for making new contacts through cold calling.

Hot leads

Successful follow-up of leads will lead to more customers. Stop losing orders or business due to the fact that you are too busy. Together we go for the best result.

Our Method

We give you real-time insight into the results achieved, the leads that need follow-up and the leads that are ready and marked as a customer. Thanks to our professional dashboard, you always have the right results.

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